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Beard Treatment Solutions For The Most Common Beard Issues Solved!

People searching for beard treatments want to treat 1 or more of the following beard related issues:

  • Improve the health and appearance of their beard.
  • Eliminate beard Itch.
  • Improve beard growth and fill in patchy areas.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions available.

Improve The Health And Appearance Of Your Beard And Eliminate Beard Itch

To treat your beard properly it is important to understand that hair on your face is different than the hair on your head and needs to be treated that way to maintain maximum health. 

Creating the proper environment for your beard is the key.  Conditioning your beard daily with a Natural Beard Oil like Tamed Savage is simple and will properly moisturize and condition your beard using natural oils that nourish the supporting skin on your face, eliminate beard itch, reduce or eliminate acne leaving your beard softer with a nice sheen, healthier and more manageable. 

For most men it only takes a few drops of Beard Oil daily simply rubbed through the beard and face after washing & drying your face and beard.  You will find the experience actually a bit luxurious and be amazed at the results in the first few days.

You have many options available but we hope you will consider our Tamed Savage Premium Natural Beard Oil!

Tamed Savage Conditioning Beard Oil is a daily maintenance leave in conditioner and moisturizing treatment that provides Itch relief, improved styling control, a softer beard and reduced beardruff (Facial Dandruff) leaving your beard feeling Amazing!


The Tamed Savage Experience. We crafted Tamed Savage Premium Beard Oil to be a highly effective beard conditioner and an enjoyable luxury experience to get your day started right! Our Beard Oil is lightweight, feels good going on, and absorbs quickly leaving your beard looking and feeling great! Not greasy! 3 to 6 drops will do the trick for most beards, but if you happen to use a little excess oil - Great! Just rub it into your face, or right into your bald head for great skin conditioning effects! 

Good for your Beard & Face.  Awesome beards thrive in healthy skin so Tamed Savage Premium Beard Oil is blended to be great for your skin as well! Our special blend of oils starts working to sooth, repair and properly condition the skin under and around your beard eliminating beardruff and beard itch while aiding in the healing of minor skin irritations and loading your skin with vitamins and nutrients specifically chosen to help create the best conditions for your beard to grow.

Soft, manageable and amazing! Tamed Savage Beard Oil is crafted to keep pesky fly away whiskers to a minimum without weighing down your beard with heavy waxes while leaving your beard with a healthy sheen and a soft feel you won’t be able to keep your hands off - And neither will she!

Now just run your comb, brush or hands through your beard to style as you like! 

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Still need additional styling and beard control?  We suggest adding a Beard Butter or Beard Balm for maximum styling as traditional hair gels. they will leave your beard soft yet manageable while traditional styling products are not designed for the special characteristics of facial hair and can dry it out and damage the hairs over time. 

For maximum beard health we also recommend you consider a good Natural Beard Wash 

You Can Improve Beard Growth And Fill In Patchy Areas But There Are a Few Things to Understand and Consider Before Choosing a Beard Growth Treatment!

First The Facts About Beard Growth.

  • We are limited by genetics. No magic pill or Growth Serum will grow new beard hair if your genetics simply are not predisposed for beard growth.  
  • See to your basic beard health first. Before investing in any Beard Growth Treatment first make sure you and your beard are healthy.  A good diet can make a big difference to your overall health and effect your beard growth, and we discussed the importance of good beard conditioning and maintenance earlier in this article through proper grooming and the use of a Natural Beard Oil.  

Beard and Mustache Growth Treatments boost your natural ability to grow a beard and create the proper environment for your beard to reach its healthiest state and feeding it the nutrients it needs to achieve a fully realized beard. They are a combination of Natural Oils and Vitamins specifically blended to support this goal.

Considerably different than products used for male pattern baldness, which are not formulated for your face, there are many options specivaly formulated for facial hair available.  We ask that you consider our 100% Guaranteed Tamed Savage Beard & 'Stach Growth Serum

Easy and effective our Daily Beard and Mustache Growth Treatment Serum is a well proven solution to help reduce patchy areas in your beard, encourage beard growth and thicken the beard hairs themselves leaving you with your best beard.

Our Tamed Savage Beard & 'Stach Growth Serum Treatment is thicker in consistency than Beard Oil and not intended to replace a daily beard oil routine.  We recommend it be used in the evening as a leave in conditioning product.  For most beards about a dime size amount rubbed through the beard and the skin under it should do the trick and our bottle should last you 45 to 60 days according to exactly how much you use.

Tamed Savage Natural Beard & Mustache Growth Treatment 

How Our Beard & 'Stach Growth Serum Works

  • Nourishes, feeds and locks moisture into your beard hairs thus thickening your individual beard hairs resulting in a healthy fuller appearance.
  • Eliminates split ends commonly found in beards allowing the beard to continue to grow.
  • Provides the nutrients your beard needs to encourage your beards fastest growth.
  • Feeds the skin under your beard the nutrients needed to stimulate hair follicles in patchy areas to grow.
  • Most men see clearly noticeable results in 2 weeks.

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