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How To Use And Enjoy Beard Oil Properly

Beard Oil is key to a good beard grooming routine. Here is the basic commonly accepted approach to its proper use.  

1) Begin with a clean, dry beard; Fresh out of the shower is a good time, or anytime after you have washed your beard.

2) Tap 3-5 drops (8 to 10 for long beards) into your hands and work it into your beard. Start at the base of your beard work the oil through your beard towards the ends of the hair .

Note: Remember it is equally as important to apply beard oil to your skin underneath, because feeding the skin under your beard with the proper nutrients is a key component to true beard health and will help your beard achieve its maximum potential.

3) Now pass your fingers along sideburns and along cheeks and finally down the chin and don't forget to pat down your mustache as well!

Bonus: The natural oils in Tamed Savage Beard Oil is are great for your skin and face, so if you have a bit extra left over just rub it into your face hair and scalp!  You won't regret it! 

4) Style as usual

5) Cease the day with your beard Awesomeness!

Tip: Men with active lifestyles or those living or working in harsher climates, may find an afternoon application of Beard Oil works wonders not only for the health of your beard, but as great freshen up after a long day!  

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