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Did You Know Having A Beard Could Save Your Life?

So you saw the title and I know you are wondering just how in the world can a  beard save your life? Well read on because I’m about to show you three ways it could during the coming winter months.

  • The Scenario

  • Ok so here's a totally dangerous, yet possible scenario for you to picture in your head. Let's say one day you decide to take a walk over the frozen lake on your way over to the bait store before you decide to get in a little ice fishing. As you trek across the frozen surface all the sudden you hear a loud CRACK. 

    Immediately you feel your body sinking as the ice breaks beneath your feet and you fall in. What should you do?

    Well you're sure as hell not going to stay idle as your body sinks like an anchor deep into to the freezing cold lake water. You should probably not walk over a frozen lake in the first place, but if you decide to live on the edge then that's your choice and yours alone. 

  • After all, we believe men should be men and make their own choices while owning all the consequences. I'm not here to preach on choices about your personal safety, but rather tell you more about the awesome power of your beard. 

  • Regardless, if you happen to catch yourself in this terrible predicament then you should do your best to fight, scratch, and crawl yourself back up onto the ice, or to get at least half of your body back up onto the flat edge.    

  • As awful as this scenario is the good news is that hypothermia takes longer than drowning to kill you. At least by being on top of the ice you are giving yourself a chance to be rescued. Furthermore you have also put yourself into a position to breathe above the water. This, at least for the moment, is a win! 

  • Face Shield

  • So while you are on the ice block waiting for a rescue, or floating your way to solid ground at least you can take some comfort in knowing that windburn is nasty business on a clean shaving face.  

    Why in the hell is this comforting to you in this hypothetical time of need?

    Well fortunately for you this is not the case if you have a nice full beard. After all, windburn can be hell on your skin. While the name windburn isn’t completely accurate we both know it's really uncomfortable. You see windburn is really a sunburn you can get on a clean shaving face in the winter.

    The good news here is that your facial hair will cover most of your face acting like a shield of iron making you less susceptible to getting it.

    Regardless even with the cooler temperatures don’t forget to apply some sunscreen. There's your daily safety tip. You are welcome!

  • Keeps You Warm

  • Whether you're floating around on that ice block, or If you happen to live in one of the frozen tundras in upper North America, your beard will keep you warmer.

    I live in the south and while we don’t get as cold as the north during the winter months we do get some freezing days.

    Who needs a full face mask, or a scarf when you have your beard?

  • Saves Your Shirt

  • Let's put a bit more of a positive spin on your hypothetical scenario.

    Let's say after you get rescued from the frozen lake you decide to head out to the local pub with your friends to decompress and celebrate your life being able to continue on without being cut short from falling victim to the frozen lake.

    After all, a good ole fashioned celebration is good for the soul and may even add years to your life. I can't validate that last part, but who's gonna argue?  

    Regardless, let's say before going out you choose to style yourself up with some new threads. A brand new shirt, some clean pants, and a shower would do the trick. After such a day you just want to put on a more "GQ look" after going full on Grizzly man out there on the frozen lake. 

    Who wouldn't want to blow off a little steam after such a rugged day? I'm sure most of us would more than welcome the change in scenery and fashion after such an insane (hypothetical) experience.  

    Let's say while you're out you start working on that 3rd Jack and Coke and all the sudden your buddy tells a joke causing you to laugh so hard you spit the drink through your previously frozen nostrils spilling your drink!

    You immediately panic because the new shirt you're wearing is going to be the shirt you wear to your next job interview. You experience a brief moment of panic thinking you've ruined it from the spewing Jack and Coke so you run to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror. 

    As you look in the mirror you give a huge sigh of relief as your beard performed it's own version of "jumping on the live grenade" by protecting the spewed drink from your brand new shirt. 

    I realize such a scenario sounds ridiculous and perhaps even a bit stupid, but let's not forget that it is 2020 and if anything is true in 2020 it's that I've learned to never say never. So in this scenario there's no doubt your beard has been winning battles and saving your ass all day long. 

  • Maintaining That Manly Beard

    While some men let their beards grow sloppy, the sophisticated man works a little harder to keep his beard in check. Here's our simple little guide of instructions if you are looking to change the look and style of your beard.

    Most of all, just stay safe in the cooler months. Besides a beard is a lot more fun and exciting than just being clean shaving all the time. 

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