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What Causes Beard Itch and How To Eliminate It

If you are out to grow a beard, those first few weeks of long, itchy stubble can driving you crazy!  Luckily there are several remedies that will help you maintain your sanity and keep you on track to what we are confident will become the magnificent beard of your dreams!


The first weeks of beard growth are without question the itchiest.  The reason for this is he combination of your short whisker length and shape hair from your last shave (several days or weeks ago now) allow for the sharp ends of your stubble to essentially roll back onto your face effectively poking at it and causing irritation and thus the itch!


So, the first goal is just to survive the early growth process long enough without scratching your face off until your beard starts to actually grow away from your face. For most men, as you reach the few months in growth stage, your now maturing whiskers will cause progressively less itch because of their advanced length causing the beard hairs to naturally taper and grow away from your face.  resulting in a lessening of beard itchiness, but there are other ongoing beard itch factors to be aware of because even longer beards have a tendency to become itchy, 


The key to eliminating beard itch is to properly conditioning the beard and the skin around it both during the early growth stages and as you continue to grow a full beard. This is most often achieved by using a Natural Beard Oil. Though different in many ways, just like the hair on your head your beard can develop dandruff (Called Beardruff), split ends and become dry and brittle leaving it itchy, dull,unhealthy and patchy.

The simple common solution is to use a few drops daily of Natural Beard Oil to condition your beard and feed it and the skin around it the nutrients it needs. The great news is you are going to love it!

Luckily you will find applying the few drops of a Daily Conditioning Beard Oil to your beard not only a pleasant almost luxurious experience but also will find your beard will soften and become a more manageable while the skin under it will become considerably less agitated and feel great! Simply rub a few drops of Beard Oil into the skin around your beard and your beard itself daily to naturally keep beard itch away, soften, shine and nourish your beard at every stage while also keeping your beard and the skin under it conditioned, non irritated soft, shine and healthy. 

Properly blended Beard Oils like Tamed Savage Brand are blended from natural oils that feed your skin and beard and should not contribute to acne or other skin issues. On the contrary they are seen as great for the skin and hair alike. Some even offer great scents to fit your personality.

Other Healthy Considerations On You Path to the perfect beard.

  • Trouble growing a beard or several patchy areas? Consider adding a Natural Beard Growth Serum to your daily plan.  No product can fix it if you are not genetically able to grow a beard, but often the issue is resolved with a Beard Growth Serum which will thicken your existing beard hairs, Reduce split ends allowing for more growth and provide the proper environment for Patch areas to fill in.
  • Consider a beard wash or mild castle soap to wash your beard.  Avoid washing your beard with bar soaps as they tend to sap the moisture and natural oils out your skin.  (This is true with or without a beard.)
  • As your beard becomes longer you can control the "whispies" and add some additional style by incorporating a Natural Beard Butter, Beard Jelly or Beard Balm to your daily routine.  

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